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A Little Marijuana in Our Politics

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

As November 8th approaches we all have a lot of thoughts about who to vote for and which proposals are right or wrong. There are many important issues on our minds, but it's easy for those of us in legal states to forget there are still people fighting for their freedom to choose cannabis, for medical or just for recreational purposes. How is it after all these years and everything we have seen cannabis do for the sick and dying, that there are still states fighting over legal cannabis?

We have come along way since the 1980's where most Americans were firmly against the use of cannabis for any reason, to October 6th 2022 where President Biden moved to pardon all federal convictions of cannabis possession. While this was a small move it was still a move. President Biden fell short of decriminalizing cannabis altogether but has instructed his administration to look at the classification of cannabis. Cannabis is currently classified as a Schedule I drug, which are defined as drugs, substances or chemicals with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. The truth is that cannabis is in fact one of the most powerful medicines on the planet, and it does not belong next to the same hard drugs that drive our nation's addiction and overdose epidemics. Cannabis should be declassified and removed from the drug classification list completely.

Support for cannabis legalization is at an all time high in our nation. Based on a poll released from Mammoth University, on October 24th, 2022, 68% of Americans approve of legal Adult use Cannabis, while only 26% are opposed. "The more people learn about cannabis and cannabis policy, the more we see them support making cannabis legal, this is an issue that is broadly supported by Americans of all political stripes, conservatives and progressives," says Mason Tvert a partner at the marijuana policy and public affairs firm VS Strategies.

Next Tuesday, voters in five states, including four of the most conservative in the country, are deciding on whether to legalize recreational marijuana. If passed in each state, Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota would join 19 other states and the District of Columbia where cannabis has already been legalized for personal use. While this is great and yet another step in the right direction, we still have people sitting in jail cells and still have children being stolen from their parents because of unconstitutional laws being enforced by thugs over a safe and effective plant.

This gap between the obvious "will of the people" and our government is absurd. The tremendous impact of the current cannabis legislation across the land is and was designed to discriminate against people of the lower class regardless of color or race. We know cannabis kills cancer. We know cannabis is a very effective treatment for Parkinson's disease. And so much more. Yet our legislators want us to believe that this "dragging of feet" to reclassify cannabis is anything less than unethical or immoral? How about unconstitutional? Cannabis is currently a schedule 1 drug according to our federal government. This means it has no medicinal value whatsoever? Over half the country has state medical marijuana laws that recognize the medical value of this plant. Yet our federal government is going to turn some blind eye to this reality?

This is not a red or blue issue. Both parties ride on the fringes of benefits to them without any real progress being made in Washington, DC. Meanwhile our states work to maximize their tax revenues while completely ignoring any medical quality or benefits of cannabis as a medicine. Wiping out small operations in favor of large corporate operations is the standard. Destroying medical programs that avoid state taxes in the sales of cannabis as a medicine is the driving factor supported by millions spent by these corporations to sway laws and rules in their favor. In simple words, it is a corporate takeover to destroy the medical market and keep as many sales in the much more profitable and taxable recreational market. Many states bypass any medical laws just to benefit from the massive tax revenue this generates vs actually helping sick people with real medicine.

The reality of the truth surrounding cannabis will unveil some disturbing truths if and when it ever comes to light. The crimes against humanity that are ignored and validated in order to maintain a schedule 1 rating are blatant and obvious. The debate is over. Marijuana has medicinal value and we all know that to be true. Denying this simple fact is not an option or a matter of opinion.

With only 4 states left that are fully illegal, why are we even fighting over this issue any more? I believe it's safe to say the people have spoken, with 46 states having some form of legal cannabis or cannabinoids, and a record high approval rating of 68%, it's time to make it official. Cannabis should be declassified federally and ALL convictions for cannabis should be expunged and all prisoners released. This plant has done nothing but help this world, yet we have people rotting in prisons all over the country for being the conduits for cannabis access. So get out and vote and make your voice heard as best you can. We are winning this very slow battle.

There will always be opposition to this subject. Just like there are some people that refuse to believe, the earth is not flat. Everyone is entitled to such opinions. It certainly doesn't give any credit to their ridiculous platforms.


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