Buy One Get One Free For Freedom!

We are starting our 4th of July sale now and running it through the month of July. Buy one and get one of the same for free. No substitutions.

Freedom to grow our own cannabis is at the core of who we are at the Michigan Marijuana Seed Club. We have fought and won several felony cases over the years and worked with many other people fighting their own court battles.

This year we celebrate that we don't have to fight in court for our freedom over a plant or some seeds.

Take advantage of this sale. It is a great opportunity to stock up on some excellent and proven genetics.

Lots of new seed companies out there today. Not so many of them are having the same success we have due to the fact we only sell genetics that are proven over a decade of growing. Anyone can chuck some pollen or sell seeds they made on accident. Stick with the winners to maintain the same quality and results like we have shown over the years.

Good luck out there and don't forget to share some pictures with us.