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Cannabis & Sex: Get High For The Ride

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Two of the finest things in life certainly seem to pair well. It has been long known that cannabis acts as an aphrodisiac and with more access to high quality cannabis every day, this is a conversation that is finally coming to light.

There are a few reasons why cannabis enhances sexual encounters.

Cannabis infused sexual lubricants are on the rise.

1) Cannabis has brought people together from all walks of life for as long as we have been using it. It lightens the mood, eases social anxieties, and simply offers a common thread among folks that may not have others.

2) Cannabis Heightens the senses and the feeling of touch. It feels better to be rubbed, hugged, and touched when we are high.

3) Cannabis intensifies orgasms by increasing the blood flow to the groin especially when used as a topical or a sexual lubricant. Men and women alike report increased volume and intensity of orgasms when using cannabis vs sex without it. This has been found to be especially true for women that have difficulty with orgasms or multiple orgasms. Some women have reported their first experience "squirting" from orgasm was under the influence of cannabis.

Whether you enjoy a few tokes to help set the mood or enjoy a good cannabis lubricant for a more direct approach, take some time to introduce cannabis to your sex life if you want to enjoy a more intense experience. Moderation is always the key to enhancing your experience with cannabis. Over doing it can end a good night for anyone!


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