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District Courts Utilize Gas Chamber Mentalities 

First they strip us of our dignity as humans by greeting the cattle at the front door with not just 1, but 4 police officers this morning. The intimidation begins with rude and abrasive behaviors while we are simply trying to get in the door.

We are forced down the hallway into a crowded room where the court clerk resides. This is where we check in. We are given the advice of rights form and told to hold on to that until after we speak to the prosecutor. Just on the other side of the room is the entrance to the courtroom. It is much like what you would imagine cattle go through in their last hours. What an efficient system.

We are required to be here. Our attorney is obviously present. What is not available is any evidence (the blood tests). We are here for a fabricated OUI case.

Since we are not ready to plea guilty, the court date is postponed. All this at our expense. As defendants and tax payers.

There goes another 5 grand or so. No big deal?

All of this because one cop chooses to fabricate a bogus case after being specially trained as a drug recognition expert or DRE. Destroying innocent lives is just another day on the job for these guys. Evidence of an actual crime is not even required for these cats to swoop in for an arrest. They are specially trained in how to convict anyone of operating under the influence of drugs.

The case will be won after several motions, court dates, and the frivolous abuse of power by the prosecution. The evidence being used is not factual or scientific, which dictates that every officer of the court that touches this case will be tainted by that bad police work and lack of legal fiber. They will support it none the less. Imagine how offensive it is to know the lab work is less than scientific and continuing on as if you were not aware? This is exactly what the courts do. There is a 29 percent error rate they omit from the lab reports for blood tests in marijuana cases. This is not scientific evidence and everyone knows it! Yet they choose to stand behind it. That is a personal choice to turn a blind eye to bad police work. When did the actual level in the blood ever show impairment in marijuana cases anyways? We all agree that you can smoke a joint today and drive tomorrow without being impaired. Yet it will still be in your blood. So exactly why are we using blood test results at all in these cases? Especially ones with a 29 percent error rate that will definitely create many false positives? And false negatives? It is not accurate, usable, or scientific. So what the hell?

The further we go, the more the expense, and the more sense it makes to take a plea. To fold. To admit to being guilty of a crime that was not committed. 97 percent of all people charged with a crime plea guilty whether they are guilty or not. This is because to be in court is to lose money, time, faith, and in the end even life. It is like walking into a gas chamber. Once you are in there is no good side of things. You are either a part of a murderous process or the victim of such a process. Both sides are less than humane.

To the DRE officer in this case and the prosecutor in Gratiot County.....

You will never forget this case or who Michael Komorn is. I guarantee it.

Peter O'Toole


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Alicia Kusky
Alicia Kusky
13 ene 2020

Contact Barton Morris. He is a forensic attorney in the Cannabis industry. Has done alot for our movement. Check to see if that cop (can not stand Gratiot county. VERY corrupt) see if that officer is on the Brady List

Me gusta
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