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Funeral Cake: Feminized Seeds (SOLD OUT)

Updated: Jul 14

Funeral Cake was made in Prudenville, Michigan by Uncle Pete and Mr. Seeds himself. This strain is a cross of a Strawberry Banana Sherbet male with the infamous Ice Cream Cake female and back 3 more times. This strain does great outdoors in Northern Michigan as well as inside.

This strain is dark and mysterious! An amazing plant in any garden with super unique qualities and colors. Some of these grow so dark they almost appear black. Purple crayon shavings are what the ground up buds look like.

Packed with flavor and powerful enough to lay down even the heavy users. Grows excellent indoors and outside.

Flower Time: 70 Days

Potency: 28-30%

Yield: Massive

70/30 Sativa/Indica Hybrid

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