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"Is the Decriminalization of Marijuana on the Horizon? Exploring President Biden's 'Historic' Announcement"

President Joe Biden made a significant announcement on Thursday when he publicly endorsed the reclassification of marijuana as a less dangerous drug. This move was described as a "major step" by the administration, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing discussion surrounding marijuana legalization.

Is the Decriminalization of Marijuana on the Horizon? Exploring President Biden's 'Historic' Announcement

The decision by the Justice Department to submit a 92-page proposal to shift marijuana from a Schedule I to Schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act has sparked widespread interest and debate. This action initiates a period for public comments before a final rule is published and officially implemented.

In a video shared on social media, Biden expressed his enthusiasm for the reclassification, emphasizing the significance of this change in addressing long-standing disparities. He described the move as "monumental" and highlighted its potential impact on promoting equity and justice.

These remarks from President Biden mark a notable development in the ongoing evolution of marijuana policy in the United States. The proposal to reschedule marijuana has garnered attention from various media outlets, including USA TODAY, underscoring the magnitude of this shift in federal drug policy. This decision represents one of the most substantial changes in marijuana regulation since its initial prohibition, signaling a potential turning point in the approach to cannabis at the national level.


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jeremy blake
jeremy blake
3 days ago

So end of the home grow since it will now be classified as a pharmaceutical?? What's your thoughts?

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