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Michigan Caregivers Ridiculed by Michigan Caregiver Association

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Following is a copy of the recent post on Facebook by the Association.

"The Michigan Caregivers Association is issuing our first seals of approval. These will be given to organizations who have contributed substantial money to the cause of fighting for the caregivers. We would like to present a caregivers’ seal of approval to House of Dank for contributing a substantial margin to our organization and helping us educate the broader community about the “Big Weed” cartel in Lansing and their agenda to crush the medical marijuana system. Because of their generosity, we have been able to shape the narrative on HB5300-02, changing the debate from the way it was initially framed. The public is understanding that these bills are not about patient safety but are rather an attempted takeover by greedy lobbyists and their corporate backers. This is a war we are engaged in to protect our freedoms and our democracy, and every dollar is a proverbial arrow that can be launched against the lobbyists who wish to crush the cannabis community for their own ruthless profit-seeking. House of Dank has enabled us to keep up the pressure and intensify the fight. Thank you, House of Dank, for setting a good example for the rest of the community as we all need to be monetarily supporting ours and other organizations that are fighting for the cause of the caregivers. You have earned our SEAL OF APPROVAL"

You can read it again and again and it still reads the same. It was just a few weeks ago that this same organization claimed to boycott this very dispensary. Apparently 50 grand forgives all?

It is unbelievable the amount of shit that has been smeared on caregivers in Michigan here. Such a direct insult to a group of folks that have been used and abused for too long.

Shame on everyone involved in such fuckery.

Uncle Pete

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Marvin D Alexander
Marvin D Alexander
Nov 06, 2021

An entity whose only concern obviously is money without regard to the quality of the product being provided ... FUCKERY indeed!!

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