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Purple Afghan Kush Auto Flower: Feminized Seeds

Updated: Feb 16

Massive colas would be the first thing that makes this auto flower cannabis strain unique. We have never seen such huge buds on an auto! Great for indoor and outdoor growing. This is the answer to production levels with auto flowers. They grow big when given the right space and light. All in of our most fun auto flower strains to grow.

Huge buds with amazing color, flavor, and smell. A true win for any grow.

Easy to grow with an amazing vigor and responds well to larger spaces. Boasting a THC level of 22-25% with a tantalizing earthy yet citrus flavor profile.

Grow Time: 70 - 80 Days

Yield: Big

Potency: Up to 25% THC

70/30 Indica / Sativa


1 Comment

Patrick Durfey
Patrick Durfey
Aug 31, 2021

Wow! Definitely never seen an auto that big

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