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Studio 54: Feminized Seeds (Our Fastest Flowering Strain)

Updated: May 16, 2023

Because we love the Studio 54 so much we decided to use her as the base of our latest feminized project, bringing you the feminized version of one of our original favorites. When we originally made the Studio 54, we crossed The Tardis (9 lb. Hammer x Dr Who) x Cuvee (Pinot Noir x Space Queen). The Tardis was made by Uncle Pete in the past with the 2 Subcool strains above and we crossed it with our latest favorite by Subcool, Cuvee.

All of the strains put out by Subcool are excellent oil producers and this is exactly what attracted us to his genetics. We are honored to have such powerful strains to work with and certainly take no credit for the stock we are blessed to work with.

To see the prices go to our Order Seeds page by clinking the link.

Studio 54 is stout in stature, potent by design, and ready to make anyone proud of the oil produced from this plant. This strain does very well inside as well as outdoors in northern Michigan. Studio 54 is always the first strain to start flowering outdoors. It kicks into flowering early in the season which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor grows in places like Michigan! Popular phenotypes so far are a ripened fruit backed with a hint of citrus, and a straight cherry with a kick. We are excited to see the gems that are found within this pool and hope you take the time to share your experience growing this amazing strain with us.

Stature: Medium

Yield: Medium

Flowering Time: 60 Days

80/20 Indica/Sativa Hybrid


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