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Sunshine Cherry CBD: 10:1 CBD to THC

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Sunshine Cherry CBD is an excellent choice for growing CBD outside. These plants thrive in the sunshine and are strong enough to hold up to almost any weather when grown well in our Smoking Tomato soil.

Strong cherry flavors backed by a strong plant stature really sets this plant apart in almost any garden. A favorite among our outdoor farmers here in Michigan due to its fast growth rate and early finish.

Great for pain and inflammation. Makes excellent oil and offers a lot of relief from arthritis, sore joints, sore muscles, and more.

High CBD to THC ratios of 10:1 can be expected with this strain.

Flowering Time: 70 Days 10:1 CBD:THC

1 comentário

Joey Kissee
Joey Kissee
20 de mar. de 2023

How much does the plant yield? How tall does it get?

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