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Child with Leukemia Lives Due to Cannabis Oil

It has been over 5 years since Logan was sent home without hope to live by the University of Michigan hospital staff. Logan did not go home that day, he came to Uncle Pete's house instead and began his regiment of cannabis oil. Since it has been 5 years since Logan has had cancer, we can now call it a cure.

Within weeks Logan was 100 percent cleared of his terminal disease and everyone was celebrating this major victory against such an ugly disease. Everyone that is but the doctors and staff at the hospital. They refused to acknowledge the reality and kept Logan on hospice for a dangerous amount of time. When a patient is on hospice they do not continue to test for things like deadly levels of the anti rejection drugs he was prescribed. In other words, they do not treat you as if you are going to live.

The cannabis oil used to treat Logan was made from a variety of indoor cannabis strains cultivated by Uncle Pete. We used 99 percent isopropyl alcohol to extract the resinous oils from the cannabis plant. Mixing 4 to 5 unique high quality cannabis strains seems to make the most effective medicine for cancer in our experience. Our process can be found under the "Courses" tab above in the "Medical Marijuana" section.

Damage done to Logan's body during 5 years of modern treatments for cancer including chemotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow transplants dictate that he will always require assistance to live, will likely never attend a normal school, and will be challenged for life. This reality could of been avoided if the truth about cannabis oil and leukemia was considered valid by modern medicine. We continue to treat children with modern medicines that do not work... without any option to even try cannabis oil for most children. This is the sad reality of the gap between modern medicine and the truth about cannabis oil.

Over 30 states are profiting from medical marijuana while denying these simple truths about such a medicine in every hospital in the union. The gap between reality and science should be a priority in the age of information where ignorance is no longer an excuse. Logan is not an isolated case or a miracle. It is the same results us and others have witnessed first hand time and time again.

We do not have the solution but we do know this is a reality. It is a matter of fact. These results have been reported to deaf ears. Nobody in the medical field seems to show any interest in helping other children with cannabis oil that modern medicine offers no hope to. Treating children with the same damaging protocols over and over again while denying the basic reality about cannabis oil to treat leukemia is a crime against humanity, against science, and against all that should be right in this world.

Political influences, big business, the powers that be, etc. These are all reasons, excuses, and explanations as to how and why this is the reality of the world today. What we will never understand is how thousands of professionals continue down this path of systematic torture and avoidance of science to collect a paycheck.

What do you think we can do?


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