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The Gorilla Dance: Feminized Seeds (Heavy Producer)

Updated: May 16

Studio 54 x Drunken Gorilla

Uncle Pete crossed his infamous Drunken Gorilla with our fastest finisher the Studio 54 to create The Gorilla Dance. Drunken Gorilla brings the highly resinous knock down power we all love to the speed and strength the Studio 54 is known for.

She will grow tall and busy and most likely be the biggest in your garden. With buds the size of soda cans The Gorilla Dance is sure to be a great producer for you.

The Gorilla Dance is a high THC producer and what we call a "trichome factory", producing layers of trichomes for that extra frosty look. The effects of this strain will have you doing The Gorilla Dance in no time.

This is one of our gassiest, funkiest, nastiest strains. The result is a massive producer with very potent and stinky buds. High calyx to leaf ratios and a stink like no other define this strain. HIGHLY recommended.

Stature: Tall

Yield: Large

Flowering Time: 70 days

60/40 Sativa/Indica Hybrid

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