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The Truth About Cannabis Oil By Uncle Pete: Please Don't Murder Me

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

My name is Uncle Pete and cannabis oil made my life possible today. I was diagnosed about a decade ago with liver cancer, diabetes, and hepatitis c all in the same week. My liver was swollen, my blood sugar was over 600, and I was fighting for life without even realizing it.

There was a whole team of white coats that came to me after a few days and nights in the hospital to give me my diagnosis and treatment plan. They assured me IF I was to follow their plan, I may live up to another 5 years. The plans included surgery to remove part of my liver, 18 months of chemotherapy, and the possibility of waking up from surgery with a colostomy bag. There was no way in hell I was going to participate in any of that. Simply put, that just didn't offer me any hope. I left that hospital against medical advice, convinced I was going home to die. I wasn't even done raising my kids yet and this is how it ends? I just couldn't accept that reality. Who could?

I remembered a friend of a friend that had used some kind of cannabis oil to beat his terminal diagnosis after a 13 year battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I figured this was a good time to reach out and learn a little more. Few people were making, or knew much about this oil at the time. There was not a plethora of information and knowledge online like there is today. I was hosting events called "Cannabis Camp" at the time once a month and invited Joe (the friend of the friend) to come teach me how to make this oil. We did just that.

Almost immediately I began to feel a reduced amount of pain in my side and could see the swelling going down. This was supported by improved blood tests over the next several weeks as I watched all my levels come back into normal range. My blood sugar was under control as well. Life was finally improving!

The short of this is....I ended up curing my cancer, saving my liver, and got rid of my Hepatitis C over the next year or so. I had done what those white coats promised me could not be done? I saved my life with sheer determination and a strong will to live.

I shared that first batch of oil with a few people, and went on to continue to make batch after batch to share with others at our Cannabis Camp events. The things we were witnessing were nothing short of mind blowing to us. Countless people came from all over as we began to see many no longer require wheel chairs and walkers, diabetics no longer needing insulin, cancer patients no longer having cancer, and more. Surely when the word gets out there about these experiences, the world will begin to change? It's a truly humbling experience to realize how naïve and foolish this was.

It wasn't long before I found myself on the board of The Phoenix Tears Foundation alongside Rick Simpson, Janet Sweeney, Corrie Yelland, Dr. Robert Melamede, and a few others. My name was catapulted into being well known after being on the air weekly on online radio shows we hosted and just the exposure of being aligned with such well know folks. I was just a guy out of Prudenville, Michigan that was pretty passionate about cannabis oil saving my life and helping others that feel that same kind of hopelessness promoted by so many doctors in so many places.

I was having people contact me from all over the world with all types of conditions and learning more about the truth than I ever wanted to know with hindsight. Following I will share a few of the highlights in a fast and in your face kind of way.

Cancer: I have worked with thousands of cancer patients beginning with myself. I have seen cannabis oil destroy all types of cancer from head to toe. Literally. Some of these are described as incurable by the doctors like glioblastoma and other types of brain cancer. Skin cancer seems to simply flake off with topical applications. Anal cancer, prostate cancer,

leukemia, and many others have been beaten with the use of cannabis oil for over 200 years. Nobody alive today gets credit for this discovery. The more important issue would be why isn't this more well known? Why don't the doctors use it? I'll leave that answer blank in this article. The evidence and research have all been done. Cannabis oil kills cancer and that is just a fact. Not 100% of the time but most of the time when it is taken daily in a large enough quantity. 1 ml per day of good quality oil is all it takes.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare and life-threatening genetic skin disorder that affects children from birth. Also know as "Butterfly Skin". Doctors commonly refer to this disease as "the worst condition known to man". Babies are born without skin when it tears from their bodies at birth and so on. They go on to live a horrific reality filled with hours of bandage changes daily, very little food, and a lot of pain medication.

Charlie K. was such a child when his mother came to my house for help. We donated large amounts of oil and ointments in hopes it would help. Charlie proceeded to eat more food in the next 30 days then he was able to consume in a year previous to using the oil. The skin would tear in his throat when eating solid food and make it near imposed to swallow without incredible pain. The oil was making a massive difference in his quality of life. His skin began to heal in places that never healed due to it rubbing on other parts. Like his neck and armpits and so on. Sores that had been there for years began to heal like never before. Even with stem cell replacements and many other treatments that costs millions of dollars in total. All the money in world could not do for Charlie what a few dollars worth of cannabis oil made by this hippie did. Charlie went on to go public school, play outside, perform in holiday plays, and to do many things never before possible. A truly amazing young man to say the least. Nobody beat more odds than Charlie.

Eczema: The very first book ever written about dermatology in 1917 described in

detail how to treat this common skin condition with cannabis oil. It was further revised

a few years later to include great details about the anti itching properties, anti-inflammatory response, antihistamine effects, and more. It was and is the most effective treatment for eczema to this day. Elijah was living a life of pure eczema hell when we met him. His mother had been to every doctor in her area and could not find relief for her son living with scabs on over 50 percent of his body. Going days without sleeping and developing almost no social skills whatsoever as a result of his severe itching and pain from his sores. By adding Real Cannabis Oil to his regular ointments and using it several times a day, he grew fresh skin back over 90% of his sores. He continues to use the oil finds life a lot more manageable

now to say the least. He is living like a boy his age should. He was around 5 when we met. He is around 10 now.

Autism: So many people living with autism today are being over medicated with behavior controlling drugs. This is well known and just a fact of life for most families living with autism. Low dose cannabis oil is the answer for many of these folks. I've seen 3 different non verbal children speak for the first time on their first dose of cannabis oil. These kids have gone on to have large vocabularies and even attend school in some cases. Countless children and adults alike using cannabis oil find much higher levels of functionality and no longer require the pharmaceutical poisons they are traditionally given. It's normal for a person living with severe autism to experience a much shorter life expectancy due to the massive amounts of behavior controlling drugs they will be given. Cannabis repairs this damage while causing parts of the brain to function that simply does not without it. Every single patient living with autism that has tried cannabis oil has experienced some major improvements in almost every area of life. I've seen it over and over and over.

Parkinson's Disease: This one is a no brainer and in your face evidence of exactly how effective cannabis is as a medicine. Just Google it if you don't believe me.

I could go on and on with story after story. Maybe one day someone will be interested in my personal experiences? Few people on this planet have the experience that I do with real patients fighting real disease with Real Cannabis Oil made with love and integrity. I have been doing this for a long time and have worked first hand with more patients than anyone I am aware of. They are out there. I just don't know them personally. There are endless middlemen, profiteers, and so on. There are very few that are controlling this process from Seed through cure like we have for so long.

Some modern treatments work while many do not. There is no doubt that medical practices have come a long way in so many ways. The cold hard reality is that the leading cause of death in this country is following medical advice combined with taking pharmaceutical poisons. This doesn't mean a lot to many. It is simply a truth nobody wants to swallow or process.

Ask your doctor about his other patients successes or failures before you allow them to treat you. Be smart. Question everything and do not trust anyone with your own life. It is your responsibility after all.

To learn more about how to make or acquire cannabis oil click here.

Plant a seed, grow some pot, and make a fucking difference!

Uncle Pete


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