Ultimate Outdoor Seed Bundle: $499

The outdoor season is upon us. Genetic choices are critical to success in growing outdoors in almost any region. We are a Michigan based company with our outdoor farm located almost directly at the 45th parallel. We are directly half way between the equator and the north poll and any strain that thrives here tends to do well in all 50 states. It is literally the perfect middle ground for breeding outdoor cannabis strains.

Below you will find a bundle of our best outdoor strains with over a 20% discount.

  • (2) Twelve Packs of Trench Buddy (regular seeds): The best outdoor strain we have ever seen. Great lemon terpene profiles that make excellent concentrates and boasting a 20 to 25% THC level outdoors.

  • (1) Twelve Pack of Garlic Modified Gorilla (feminized seeds): An excellent producer of some gassy yet savory flower. 22 to 26% THC levels outdoors.

  • (2) Twelve Packs of Drunken Gorilla (regular seeds): A great gorilla glue cross that stacks it heavy. 23 to 25% THC levels on this strain outdoors.

  • (2) Twelve Packs of Studio 54 (regular seeds): Our fastest into flowering outdoor and our first one to be harvested. Cherry overtones and a creative high flowing from these beautiful flowers. 20 to 24% THC levels on this strain outdoors.