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Why Dry Trimming Outdoor Weed Is Better Than Wet Trimming

There are 2 major styles of harvesting and processing cannabis flowers or buds. Wet trimming and dry trimming. They are exactly as they sound. Wet trimming involves removing all of the leaves including the bigger fan leaves and tighter smaller leaves on our buds at harvest time. Dry trimming is when we remove fan leaves only and dry our buds before handling them to clean up the smaller leaves.

Picture a piece of fruit like a banana. The more we handle or beat up our fruit or flowers before they dry, the more bruised they become. Just like a banana. It is common for farmers to use machines or bowl trimmers on their flowers when they are still wet. You can recognize their finished product by the dark coloring or bruising that occurs when we handle our cannabis before it stabilizes or dries. The machines and trimmers bruise our flowers causing a darker color and loss of flavor. Reduced potency is also inevitable when trimming our cannabis fresh and wet. Preserving flavor and potency is usually a top priority after a long season of hard work. Destroying our buds by running them through machines when still fresh is just abuse.

Uncle Pete prefers to trim all the fan leaves and hang branches to dry. It is then taken down and the buds are then "nugged" off the stems and placed into a bag trimmer. These bag trimmers are capable of trimming pounds per hour vs pounds per day with traditional methods. They are inexpensive and reliable. Never late, never sick, and almost never complain. Keep the zippers oiled up and keep the bags clean. No more long and expensive days of rigorous labor required to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Dry trimming and wet trimming are two different methods of trimming marijuana plants after they have been harvested.

Dry trimming refers to the process of trimming the buds and leaves of the marijuana plant after they have been allowed to dry and cure. This method is typically preferred by growers who believe that drying the plant first allows for a slower and more controlled drying process, which can help preserve the aroma, flavor, and potency of the buds. Dry trimming can also make the buds easier to handle as they are less sticky and resinous when dried. However, dry trimming can be more time-consuming and tedious, as the leaves may be more fragile and delicate to work with, leading to a slower trimming process.

Wet trimming, on the other hand, involves trimming the buds and leaves of the marijuana plant immediately after harvest, before the drying and curing process. This method is preferred by some growers who believe that trimming the plant while it is still fresh helps to preserve its terpene profile and prevents the buds from developing a grassy or hay-like smell during the drying process. Wet trimming can also make it easier to remove the larger leaves and excess foliage, as they are still moist and easier to handle. However, wet trimming can be messier, as the plant material is still moist and can be sticky and resinous, making it more difficult to trim and handle.

Ultimately, the choice between dry trimming and wet trimming comes down to personal preference and the specific goals and preferences of the grower. Some growers may prefer one method over the other based on past experiences or their desired end product.



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