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Uncle Pete's Pot Shots
Super Secret Sauce

Uncle Pete's Pot Shots are is a proprietary blend of special microbes and enzymes specifically formulated to enhance root development, increase germination rates, and boost our plants natural vigor throughout it's life cycles. Mix 1 (10 ml) syringe of Uncle Pete's Pot Shots into 1 quart of water and mix well. Use this solution to soak a paper towel used in germinating your seeds. Simply soak the paper towel and place on a plate with your seeds. Uncle Pete's Super Secret Sauce will get your seeds off to the perfect start by providing all the basic building blocks of life in the form of beneficial bacterias and special enzymes utilized at this critical stage of growth.  We prefer to put the plate into a plastic bag that we seal up. Keep seeds in a warm and dark place (top of fridge) for 48 hours for best results. Resoak and put any seeds that are not germinated after the initial 48 hours for another 24 hours. 100% of your viable seeds will germinate. 

As our plants develop and mature, Uncle Pete's Pot Shots can be injected directly into the soil before watering. This can be added to any program or used with plain PH adjusted water.  Simply sink the tip of the syringe into the soil in 3 to 4 places around the stalk about half way in between the stalk of the plant and the edge of the container.  We recommend applying one per week during vegetative growth and through week 3 of flowering or until vertical growth has stopped. 

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