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Apricot Krunch: Feminized Seeds (New Strain w/ HUGE Buds)

Drunken Gorilla x Peach Cobbler

Massive Production paired with a major terpene profile makes this strain very popular with growers and smokers alike. Big and bold in stature and flavor. The peachy influence of the cobbler driven by the powerful flavor of the Drunken Gorilla truly make this one of our most flavorful strains. A major stand alone type of strain that can be picked out of the crowd both in and out of the garden. Sure to make any farmer proud.

Apricot Krunch: Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Apricot Krunch: Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Easy to grow and responds well to most mediums. This one loves to eat and use and grow big. A great cultivar for outdoor or indoors.

Flower Time: 70 days

Potency: 27%

Yield: Huge

75/25 Sativa/Indica Hybrid

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