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Inventory Blowout: 5 Different Outdoor Strains

We are offering 5 different marijuana strains at clearance pricing. Just $50 for 12 regular seeds packed in our one of a kind collector tins. 12 seeds per package of 1 strain. Order as many as you like. These are regular seeds. Not feminized.

We are offering the following strains.

Marijuana Seed Sale
Marijuana Seed Sale

  1. Trench Buddy: This is the most amazing strain we have ever seen grow outdoors. Plain and simple. This strain grows the biggest buds we have ever seen without doubt. From the top to the bottom of the plant. Purple and pink with the aroma of citrus and a fresh clean spring day. Amazing concentrates are being made from this strain and yields are over the top. Testing at over 25% when grown outdoors, this strain is the one that just keeps on giving. Quality, yield, easy to grow, stature, flavor, smell, and what more could you ask for?

  2. Phat Crack: This strain is a massive producer of high quality resinous cannabis flowers. Flavors of citrus combined with a not so subtle industrial gas aroma really make this strain stand out in any crowd.

  3. Sherbert and Ernie: Known for its dark and beautiful buds and potent citrus flavors, this is one of our most unique genetics. The flavor in this smoke can be so strong it offends some palates.

  4. Studio 54:  Studio 54 is always the first strain to start flowering outdoors. It kicks into flowering early in the season which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor grows in places like Michigan!  Popular phenotypes so far are a ripened fruit backed with a hint of citrus, and a straight cherry with a kick. We are excited to see the gems that are found within this pool and hope you take the time to share your experience growing this amazing strain with us.

  5. Drunken Gorilla:  Knock down power combined with an excellent yield makes this strain one for every garden. Grows well indoor and out. Likes to be big and grow tall.


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