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Uncle Pete's Oreoz: Feminized Seeds (New Most Potent Strain)

Drunken Gorilla x Oreoz

Uncle Pete's Oreoz is one of our most potent flower. This strain produces a long-lasting and euphoric high. Users should take caution as the high potency of Uncle Pete's Oreoz may be overwhelming to those new to cannabis. This strain has an aroma reminiscent of campfire s'mores, with extra delicious hints of chocolate and diesel. Medical marijuana patients use Oreoz to help relieve symptoms associated with appetite loss, insomnia, chronic stress and depression.

Covered in trichomes, filled with color, and just plain beautiful! A true pleasure to grow and smoke.

Uncle Pete's Oreoz: Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Uncle Pete's Oreoz: Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Flower Time: 70 days

Potency: 32%

Yield: Heavy and Dense

80/20 Indica/Sativa Hybrid

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