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Freedom Cake: Feminized Seeds (Wedding Cake Cross)

Apple Fritter x Wedding Cake (Freedom Cake sounded a lot better than Divorce Cake)

This Indica dominant strain is a trichome factory like no other. Icky and sticky! Heavy terpenes with the most dominant being caryophyllene, followed by limonene and myrcene. This offers us a sweet and sour combination like we have never seen before. Flavors seem to dance across the tongue as the sweet kicks us on the front while the sour attacks on the finish. A true pleasure to smoke.

Freedom Cake cannabis strain made by Uncle Pete in 2023

The effects are a creative and relaxing euphoria that is good for anytime of day. Easy to grow and flowering in just 70 days, Freedom Cake will certainly be a favorite.

Flower Time: 70 days Potency: 29% Yield: Excellent 60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid To see the prices go to our Order Seeds page by clinking the link.


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