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Uncle Pete's Skunk Fire Kush: Regular Seeds

Skunk #1 x Fire OG

Uncle Pete's Skunk Fire Kush is a heavy hitting cross between of Skunk #1 and Fire OG. Perfectly combining all the elements we love about Kush and OG strains. With a flavor of lemon with deep earthy undertones this strain is always a crowed pleaser.

Uncle Pete's Skunk Fire Kush

Skunk Fire Kush performs well indoors and in most greenhouse environments with beginners and experienced growers finding great success. Skunk Fire Kush is a great producer giving you light green buds with beautiful red hairs.

Skunk Fire Kush provides a well-balanced experience with both cerebral and physical effects. Moods are lifted as the body finds relaxation, eventually giving in to a level of drowsiness, that is ideal for patients needing to rest. This allows the pain and tension from stress to dissipate. The euphoric effects allows for increased creativity and the ability to forget negative thoughts and relax the mind.

Stature: Tall

Yield: Large

Flowering Time: 65-70 days

70/30 Indica/Sativa

1 Comment

Heather Grace
Heather Grace
Jun 01, 2023

How can I get some seeds from you guys? I’d love to try a few.

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